ASOS Supports Talent present four new contemporary dance films directed by Amrita Hepi

ASOS Supports Talent is a global initiative which helps young creatives turn their ambitions into real-life projects. One of the talent selected for 2017 is dance activist and choreographer, Amrita Hepi. With a practice that focuses on intersectionality, Hepi choreographed four routines with four dancers who she considers to embody incredibly political practices. The separate pieces are inspired by the struggles of the individual artists and were filmed in and around Sydney.

The turnout for the launch was substantial, with wine and food keeping the crowd at bay until it was time to watch the films. Hepi made a beautiful and moving speech, highlighting the importance of resilience and celebrating the four featured performers. Not even some technical difficulties could dampen the mood of the crowd, with anticipation hanging heavy in the air.

Each of the works was incredibly different. Featuring Waangenga Blanco, Bhenji Ra, Angela TiaTia and Jahra Rager, each dancer embodies a different location and diverse movement. From a basketball court, to a lawn bowls green and a cliff face – the cinematography was exceptional, with high, wide angle shots taking in the cliff face landscape, contrast against close up shots and a focus on the movement.

At the conclusion of the presentation cheers rang out around the room – each person excited, inspired and potentially a little bit tipsy, the evening was a success by any measure and Hepi is definitely a talent to watch.

For more information on ASOS Supports Talent check out the website.