Arts Review: Megan Hilty in Concert – Hamer Hall, Melbourne (8.6.2016)

An open letter to Megan Hilty.

Dear Megan,

Hi, my name is Kara. You may remember me from the other day. Or not? I bumped into you outside The Langham Hotel in Melbourne as you were wrapping up a photo shoot. You startled me. I honestly couldn’t believe I’d met you. Let me tell you, the rest of that day I had the giggles every time I thought about our encounter . You truly had me starstruck.

I saw your show tonight. Surprise! I’m a journalist! So, I saw your show tonight and was supposed to review it. But to be honest: I can’t. How can I review an evening that has reinspired my love of the theatre. I actually used to perform too. I have since found a love for writing – and this love runs deep – but tonight, you brought back all of the feels. So this ‘review’ is but a mere thank you.

Your opening song tonight pricked my ears. You sang ‘They Just Keep Moving The Line’ and these lyrics really ignited something within me: “So I made friends with rejection.” Wow. I don’t think I really heard this song until tonight. You symbolise who so many of us aspire to be, and even though it may not be our reality, I am so damn glad it is yours. You possess qualities so many woman search for within themselves, and it’s funny because even though we don’t know each other at all, I feel like you’re the kind of person one would call a best friend.

There is no denying you are incredibly talented, gifted even – oh and 10 points for snatching up a spunky hubby #CoupleGoals – but what you shared of yourself tonight is a moment we will never forget. You may be Broadway’s baby but tonight, you were Melbourne’s and we loved having a piece of the Big Apple down under.

As you sang each song (great selection by the way), shared each anecdote, and made us laugh, you showed us what and who a star is. I think you will have left your mark on a lot of people tonight; more than you think. You said you’re never leaving Australia, well, please don’t. I’ll chat to the folks at Vegemite and see if they can’t give you a lifetime supply. Am I succeeding in convincing you to stay? At least I tried.

May we cross paths again one day.