Adelaide Fringe Review & Photo Gallery: SOAP – The Peacock, Gluttony (Performances until 19th March)

This is the third year that SOAP has been presented at the Adelaide Fringe and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. It’s full of good, clean fun (with the odd splash of nakedness thrown in for good measure).

The show opens with a stage full of bathtubs and a woman singing an aria; does this make it a soap opera? Legs and arms appear from the other bathtubs, synchronised swimming style, before the performers reveal themselves wrapped in towels. These soon come off and the white underwear clad performers do a stylised version of a locker room towel fight. This sets the theme for the humour for the night.

We were warned we may get a little wet and it is possible that an audience member may be picked to catch a dish full of water from a spray cannon. But there’s no need to wear a raincoat – a small spray is all that you may get.

Each entertainer has his or her own special skills. There’s some slapstick comedy, some amazing juggling with bath towels and even a striptease while juggling balls. Some skits are done individually, some with two or three, some the full cast are involved.

There is an incredible variety of pace and styles to keep the audience entertained. A love triangle is both poignant and funny. A trio of dancing naked men in skimpy towels is a crowd favorite. Acrobatics and contortions made us all marvel at the skill and strength of these young artists.

There was water, water in the baths, water raining down from the ceiling; it was a celebration of water. A standout for me was the incredible performance in a bath of the young male gymnast and his ability to hold his body in poses that would require incredible power and control.

It’s clear that the ensemble enjoy themselves as much as the audience loves to watch them; SOAP is a show that makes you want to go home and sing in the shower.

SOAP plays at Peacock in Gluttony for the Adelaide Fringe Festival until March 19. The reviewer attended the performance on February 19th.