Adelaide Fringe Review: Justice and Trainweck Change History – The Producers (Performances until 19th March)

It’s that time of the Fringe when you feel like you’ve seen all the big shows in the major hubs. There’s a week left, surely there’s more to the Fringe than the Garden. Now’s the time to venture further out to smaller venues such as Tandanya, Tuxedo Cat or the Producers. It’s upstairs at the Producers that Justice and Trainwreck are rewriting some of the major events that shaped our modern lives.

Dwayne Justice and Jake Trainwreck are Justice & Trainwreck. The only thing greater than their love of historical reenactments is their love for each other. This is Brokeback Mountain meets Flight of the Conchords with hilarious results.

We all remember mum’s special banana lasagne, made with bananas, cream and lasagne sheets, don’t we? That time a dingo stole a baby? The day Diana died? When our national hero Steve Irwin finally met a stingray that wasn’t his friend. All this and more played out with an underlying simmering sexual chemistry between the two protagonists.

Being a small intimate setting, it’s impossible for the audience not to be a part of the show and this can make or break a performance. In this case we’re like the child who’s been invited for a sleepover and listening to dirty stories in the dark. The laughter is continuous and never awkward or forced. There is audience participation of course, but it’s all good fun.

Dwayne and Jake (real names David Maney and Craig Glen) have perfect timing and can convey so much with just a glance. This is a show that will leave you feeling happy with the world. These two gay cowboys are re-enacting history in an original and most peculiar way. Do yourself a favour and catch Justice and Trainwreck at the Producers’ Bar.

Justice & Trainwreck Change History appears at The Cranny at The Producers until March 19th. For more information and tickets, head here.

The reviewer attended the show on March 15th.