Adelaide Fringe Festival Review: The Bedroom Philosopher – The Cat Show (Performances until March 2nd)

The Bedroom Philosopher leaves the 86 Tram behind in favour of a furry performance at the Tuxedo Cat for the Adelaide Fringe Festival, introducing us to an entertaining run of songs about cats. Yep, you read that correctly.

The Cat Show is a comedic musical projection for the performer to involve the crowd in a special celebration of the feline kind. Cats are pretty great, let’s be honest there. For a show like this to debut at the Adelaide Fringe, it’s a clear winner and the perfect fit.

This doesn’t mean we discount the actual talent behind the whiskers; this isn’t a show where the performer has donned a funny costume, slapped a simple yet hooky title on the flyer and voila! ‘FRINGE’.

There’s a reason The Bedroom Philosopher has endeared himself to many crowds around the country; eccentricities, captivating charm and an innate ability to capture a room of any size and build, he could be wearing whiskers or a suit and you’d still find yourself utterly in his realm, and happy to be.

Hilarious and witty, The Cat Show will win you over if you’re a dog person and will welcome you to a new family of likeminded souls if the purring type is more your bag.

The reviewer attended this show on February 24th. The Bedroom Philosopher’s Cat Show runs at Tuxedo Cat until March 2nd. For more information head here.