Adelaide Fringe Festival Review & Photo Gallery: Attic – Tandanya (Performances until 5th March)

Attic opens to a scene, funnily enough, of an attic. A young man rummages through forgotten treasures and starts reading a book by torchlight. Magically the room comes alive with other people who emerge from strange places. Excitedly they dig around the dress up clothes and run off to change into their new garments. Before you know it, three young men are throwing each other around and creating a human column.

After some more tumbling and climbing,  the performers take turns at throwing golden hula-hoops at one lass until she finds herself twirling a good dozen or so hoops.

The theme of hidden treasures in the attic is maintained throughout the show. A golden box contains socks for example, which come in very handy for the swing routine. A red feather boa draped on a hat stand becomes a young man’s fantasy similar to when Tom Cruise was home alone in Risky Business. A routine with a slinky and a set of old books was quaint and whimsical.

Remember when you used to jump on your bed whenever you could. These performers from “Outside the Lines” push that boundary to jumping off a see-saw onto a bed. It’s all good fun and a lot of thought has gone into the small details that hold the show together.

Despite a couple of first performance nerves and hiccups, the performers were energetic and entertaining. The kids in the audience enjoyed it as much as the adults. Attic is a fun show from a promising young troupe.

Attic plays at Tandanya for the Adelaide Fringe until March 5th. The reviewer attended the performance on February 26th.