Theatre Review: The Hanging – Sydney Theatre Company, Wharf Theatre (performances until 10th September)

There’s an overwhelming urge amongst Australian societies to divulge themselves in to the case of missing people – particularly children. Stories that dominate the media also capture us. The case of Daniel Morcombe is a case in point, where the pubic followed it religiously for more than a decade until there was some sort of closure. But that’s not all, we could go back to the Azaria Chamberlain phenomenon, the huge and ongoing Madeleine McCann case, and the recent one that hits home closely, Kiesha Abrahams.... Read More | Share it now!

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is the fastest selling book this decade!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is on track to be the fastest selling book this decade, with the script book shifting approximately 170,000 copies in Australia alone since it’s release on Sunday. Though official figures will not be released until next week, that is a staggering figure,  but will come as no surprise to those still chasing a copy, with many stores across the country sold out and awaiting new stock.... Read More | Share it now!

Dance Review: Jump First, Ask Later – Arts Centre, Melbourne (Performances until August 6th)

Here is a dance show that is so much more than just a dance show. What Jump First, Think Later brings to audiences is a poignant and raw tale of six young parkour and urban dancers who represent Australia’s wonderful multiculturalism. The narrative of this 50-minute show is really heartwarming as Joe Carbone, Johnny Do, Justin Kilic, Jimmy James AKA Jackie Chan, Natalie Siri, and Patrick Uy share with us their personal experiences of how this art form enriches their lives.... Read More | Share it now!

Theatre Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Palace Theatre, London (In Performances Now)

Well. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is not going to be the easiest thing to review. Not only was the play itself a complete sensory overload, its plot was so intricate that I almost feel like I can’t reveal anything without giving the die hard fans a clue as to what happens. Suffice to say The Cursed Child is a theatre experience like no other that everyone should see if and when it comes to Australia.... Read More | Share it now!

Theatre Review: The Beast by Eddie Perfect – Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House (performances until 21st August)

The Beast that is Eddie Perfect’s debut play had its premiere at the Sydney Opera House on Friday the 29th of July. The playwright joins the endowed cast of seven on stage, bringing to life a tale of three city-slicking partners and their journey through to the Yarra Valley after three mates and their skipper encounter a horrific spell of experiences on a fishing trip.... Read More | Share it now!

Five Books You Need To Read This Month: August

With so many books being released each month it’s hard to keep track of what you should read next, what book you should recommend for book club, or what book you should buy that person in your life who likes books. Of course any half decent bookseller should be able to help you out with that, but just in case you can’t find yourself a bookseller, we’re here to help!... Read More | Share it now!