MICF: Five Quick Questions with Aunty Donna

So the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is continuing on with the lols and we had some very good shows getting some awesome attention. At this half-way point, so many acts are looking to change styles, evoking a kind of journey with their careers each and every year. Aunty Donna likes to change things up to keep things fresh – hence the name New Show, but then sometimes they change something up again and find themselves at the beginning again. Which is pretty much okay I suppose with all that newness and all that stuff. They’re good at it, so why complain folks?... Read More | Share it now!

Western Australian artists Pony Express are bringing their Ecosexual Bathhouse instalment to Melbourne

Western Australian based collective Pony Express will be heading to Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens this May to present Ecosexual Bathhouse, an instalment that will explore the social and psychological boundaries between ecology, evolution and sexuality. The event will turn the gardens into an immersive and interactive performance area, intertwining elements of human sexuality and the greater environment.... Read More | Share it now!