Secretive global sensation White Rabbit Red Rabbit hops into Sydney’s King Cross Theatre (only until 15th April)

White Rabbit Red Rabbit describes itself as “a lively, global sensation that no-one is allowed to talk about”. There are no rehearsals, no director, a different actor each night, and a script that waits in a sealed envelope on the stage. Iranian writer Nassim Soleimanpour has created a most intriguing theatrical experience, and it’s currently being performed as KXT- Kings Cross Theatre Sydney.

I attended last night’s reading, by the spectacular Matthew Backer, and although I don’t want to spoil anything for you dear reader- might I quite encouragingly suggest that you “hop to it” and see it while you have the chance.

Dates and performers below-

Tuesday 4th April – Preview – Ylaria Rogers

Wednesday 5th April – Opening Night -Tyran Parke

Thursday 6th April – Matthew Backer

Friday 7th April – Richard Hilliar

Saturday 8th April – Madeleine Jones

Sunday 9th April – Duncan Ragg

Monday 10th April – Bron Lim

Tuesday 11th April – Ben Kindon

Wednesday 12th April – Monica Sayers

Thursday 13th April – Mansoor Noor

Friday 14th April – Contessa Treffone

Saturday 15th April – Monroe Reimers

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