Emily Floyd shares 10th solo exhibition, Icelandic Puffins, at the Anna Schwartz Gallery

Melbourne’s Anna Scwartz Gallery is hosting the impressive 10th solo exhibition by local artist and sculptor, Emily Floyd. The exhibition, entitled Icelandic Puffins, opens on April 8th and runs until May 13th, showcases Floyd’s technique for hand carving – the individual puffins come next to Icelandic text identifying members of the financial elite.

Of course, you may remember when Iceland’s economy fell in 2008 when their three major banks defaulted on international debt, leading policeman Olafur Hauksson to plot his prosecution of the bankers out on a white board; it is this investigation that struck Floyd and as a result, she presents a mirrored version through her work.

The Anna Schwartz Gallery is located at 185 Flinders Lane in Melbourne.