An underwater smartphone photography exhibition pops up in Sydney this week

A special pop-up exhibition will hit Surry Hills this week to highlight the works of ocean photographer and social media influencer Mark Fitz (@_markfitz) and the possibilities of works shot exclusively on a smartphone (in this case the iPhone 7 Plus). The exhibition, which has been created by impact protection pros Tech21 has been designed to showcase their new waterproof Evo Aqua 360 Edition case, which Fitz has used for each work to put together a collection of images captured on and around the Great Barrier Reef and Mackay.

Beaches, pools and life under the sea are central to Mark’s work and define his modern interpretation of smartphone photography which Sydneysiders will be able to explore across the two days for which the gallery runs.

“One location we shot at, Hardy Reef, is pretty spectacular and the resident wrasses aren’t shy of being in front of the camera”, offered Fitz. “I hope this collection helps spark people’s creativity and shows what’s possible with smartphone photography now, given the right tech and basic know-how”.

Mark Fitz and tech21’s pop-up exhibition will be located at Ray Hughes Gallery, ground floor 270 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills 2010. It will be open from Wed 14th to Fri 16th December, 9am-5pm each day.

For more information on tech21 and their full range click here.