MICF: Five Quick Questions with Joel Dommett

In his first Australian solo show, one of the UK’s most energetic and charming performers Joel Dommett is bringing us Conquer as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He was kind enough to answer five quick questions, like we have done for many other acts during MICF.


What do you personally find enlightening about comedy today?

It’s very freeing. You can say what you want and feel whether it’s right or wrong by the audiences response immediately. It’s such a quick learning curve and the scene now is so progressive and exciting. There is so many shows at this years festival which really push the format of stand up forwards into hilarious unseen territory. It was a wanky answer but a bloody good one.

How much has your performance changed since last years comedy festival?

Last year I was a part of a showcase show with two other acts and this year I am back with my own show. I love doing full shows, it gives me a chance to weave in a full twisty narrative. Personally not much has changed. I now have a bad knee. Last year I did not have a bad knee.

If you were to allowed to perform in any other public place other than a comedy venue or theatre, what would that place be? Describe the surrounds…

I’m my house. Then I wouldn’t have to leave my house.

Who else – apart from your own show – would you recommend to see at this year’s MICF?

Steen Raskopolous and Bear Pack are some of my favourites. Also don’t go and see Nish Kumar. He is too good so selling very well and not giving the rest of us a chance.

What message are you hoping audiences come away with after they see your show?

“That wasn’t a waste of money”line

Joel Dommet’s Conquer is playing at Melbourne Town Hall’s Cloak Room up until April 17 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. For more info, head here.