The Comedy Zone’s Tom Cashman picks his Top 5 Shows of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF)

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has hundreds of performers and shows worth seeing – that’s the most obvious statement of the most obvious of obvious-towns. There are a huge amount of great showcases throughout the festival too – one of them being The Comedy Zone, a showcase of fresh and amazing comedic talent from around Australia.

We asked Tom Cashman (pictured above) – representing Sydney at The Comedy Zone – to give us his picks of the festival. You can go see Tim as part of the Comedy Zone troupe from the 30th March to the 23rd April (no Wednesdays) at the Melbourne Trades Hall. More info about the showcase can be found here.

Aaron Chen – The Infinite Faces of Chenny Baby

If there are infinite faces of Chenny Baby, that means mathematically at least one of them must be funny. I think more than one will be funny in this case, because Aaron is a silly and clever man who is slightly shorter than me.

When? Daily to April 23rd (Except Monday 10th)
More info & tickets here.

Cameron James – ’88

Cameron James is a warm and slender comedy powerhouse (around my height) putting on his first MICF solo show. I’m very excited to see this one!

When? Daily to April 23rd (Except Wednesdays)
More info & tickets here.

Cait Johnson and Gearard McGeown – Mucho Relaxo Melbo

This show is different in terms of size because there are two of them. Together they are: (1) two hilarious comedians from my home town of Sydney, Australia, and (2) enormous when compared to just one man. Highly recommended!

When? April 10th-13th and 18th-22nd
More info & tickets here.

Jonathan Schuster – Earth Choice

Jonathan is a similar size to me so I have to respect him for that. I also have a huge amount of respect for his comedic abilities and think you will too!

When? Daily to April 23rd (Except Wednesdays)
More info & tickets here.

Clinton Haines – A Comedy in 3 Acts

Clinton’s show will be crazy and fun and everything you want in a late night extravaganza. Also a tad shorter than me but in his own way, Clinton is guaranteed to blow your socks off with his talent and unique style!

When? Daily to April 23rd (Except Mondays)
More info & tickets here.


The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is happening throughout Melbourne until April 23rd. Get more info about the above acts and many others performing at 

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