5 Reasons to see Heathers at the Sydney Opera House

Heathers opened at the Sydney Opera House last Thursday night to standing ovation. Make sure you don’t miss one of your final chances to see one of the best new musicals to premiere in Australia in the past year. Still need more convincing? Here’s five very good reasons:

5. You loved the film

If you worry about how Heathers translates into a musical, never fear. It keeps all the elements of the original film that you love, complete with 80s costumes, dark humour, bitchiness and big fun. Oh and Stephen Madsen nails Christian Slater’s angsty J.D. (which lets face it is what’s most important).


4. You love fantastic 80s costumes

Right down to the colours of the Heather’s jackets Angela White has wonderfully recreated the 80s film, complete with giant shoulder pads and outrageous scrunchies. Even Veronica’s layered blue frilly skirt from the original film poster makes its appearance. A well deserved win at the Sydney Theater Awards for Best Costume Design I’d say.

3. You love super talented young casts

This is truly an immensely talented cast of twelve. They grab you by the hand and bring you right into school with them. And hey there Westerberg, you have some great voices. Lauren McKenna’s “Shine A Light” ready and waiting to bring every audience to thunderous applause. The face says it all-


2. You love seeing stuff at the Sydney Opera House

Who doesn’t? The Hayes Theatre was the perfect venue for their debut, but after touring around the country the production now looks so at home on the stage of the Sydney Opera House. It’s big and polished and so very.

1. You love emotional rollercoasters

Heathers is ruthlessly hilarious, and all your favourite lines seem to pack that much more damage in musical format. Be prepared for that feeling of being highly amused and slightly horrified all at once.

And the songs just fit so well amongst everything- Heather’s (lead by Lucy Maunder) “Candy Store” with their perfectly synced dance moves so accurately conveys pomposity, Veronica’s (Hilary Cole) powerful “Dead Girl Walking” exudes how life or death the situation is in her mind, and J.D.’s steadily decreasing sanity in “Meant To Be Yours” is beautifully captured in a way that makes you simultaneously be repulsed and cry your heart out for him. There are also some truly wonderful hidden gems along the way, such as Heather McNamara’s (Rebecca Hetherington) “Lifeboat” which hits you right in those feelings.

Bam bam bam.



Heathers is now playing at the Sydney Opera House until next Sunday 26th June. To book visit Sydney Opera House.