Comedy Review: The Best Medicine: Hannah Boland – Factory Theatre (10.09.16)

Promoting herself as a fresh face in ‘clean comedy,’ Hannah Boland presents a refreshing and unique one–woman stand up show as part of Sydney Fringe Comedy. There is something instantly likeable about Boland as she finds her stride on stage. While clearly pre-planned there is a natural flow to the performance as she jumps from anecdotes about her children to songs inspired by her father.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Faith by Tim Costello

As the CEO of the World Vision charity, Tim Costello AO has often had to discuss faith. His latest book also deals with the topic of belief and how it can be used to highlight the things that humanity has in common as well as offering a vehicle for reconciliation and hope. This series of short essays is a mix of philosophy, morality, religion and inspiration as well as observations and quotes that seem more like pure memoir. Faith is not the kind of book you can skim through quickly. It is a disarming read where you need to pause, reflect and discuss the bigger issues with other people.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: River Run by Nicole Alexander

Fleeing a failed romance in 1950s Sydney, Eleanor believes a return to River Run will help her recollect her thoughts and get her life back on track. But when she arrives, her mother and stepfather have their hands full with an ambitious new overseer, the visiting Winslows, and her rebellious little brother Robbie, who believes the Communists may attack their lands at any time. When Robbie takes his duties to protect the homestead too far and a stranger is injured on the property, tensions across River Run are even more strained, as class divides and a police investigation begin to spill over into the shearing season.... Read More | Share it now!