Book Review: Cut by Marc Raabe is a page turner of a thriller for fans of Stieg Larsson and Val McDermid

Cut, the new book from Marc Raabe, starts with Gabriel, an eleven year old boy, discovering a secretive and disturbing crime that happened in the family home, before both his parents are killed. Then the story moves forward 29 years later and we learn where Gabriel is now, what happened to his little brother and just how what happened that night has followed him, and why after so many years someone is pursuing him with messages telling that they know what Gabriel had seen and what he’d done that night.... Read More | Share it now!

Theatre Review: Sydney Theatre Company’s Speed The Plow is a somewhat calm and controlled satirical stab at the American movie business

Speed The Plow is a somewhat calm and controlled satirical stab at the American movie business, at relationships and convenience, and at wanting to be a good person and yet always having to succumb in the end at the hands of money, money, money. As Bobby says in defeat: “I wanted to be good, but I became foolish”.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: The Eighth Wonder: Sydney Opera House – The Opera celebrates our glorious cathedral with the most stunning of backdrops – Opera Australia, Sydney

The Eighth Wonder celebrates our glorious “cathedral”, the Sydney Opera House, and its history on its very own steps. As the audience take in the performance rising above it all in the most stunning of stage backdrops are the sails of the House itself- something truly spectacular.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures by Mulga is a charming and delightful visual feast

Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures is the latest release from the Sydney-based artist, illustrator and poet Mulga (Joel Moore). Formerly a financial advisor, Mulga’s artwork can be found all over Australia, from cafes to shop fronts, from t-shirts to drink bottles and now once again on your bookshelves – or in this case your children’s bookshelves – but if we’re honest this book is a bit like Lego, good for all ages!... Read More | Share it now!