Theatre Review: There are more than a few laughs to be had with Violent Extremism and Other Adult Party Games (until 25 November)

With a title like Violent Extremism and Other Adult Party Games you can’t help but expect a few controversial laughs. But this new play by Sydney-based writer Richie Black is a cut above and a genuinely funny piece of work. Supported by a very good cast and strong production values, this is yet another triumph for the 2017 Depot Theatre season.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Hannah Jewell’s 100 Nasty Women of History will help you find your new favourite historical figure

Join The Washington Post’s pop culture editor Hannah Jewell as she plucks (almost) forgotten women from the historical cutting room floor. From artists to investigative reporters, scientists to queens, political firebrands to murderers, there’s no such thing as the delicate fairer sex here. Get in the kitchen and make you sandwich? Puh-lease. I’ve got an empire to overthrow.... Read More | Share it now!

Theatre Review: Silent Night brings an early dose of Christmas cheer (until 10th December)

What is Christmas like with your family? I can guarantee it’s not nearly as dysfunctional as the one depicted in Mary Rachel Brown’s new play, Silent Night. Chock-full of jokes and characters that have to be seen to be believed, this is a play that makes the final rush to the supermarket on Christmas Eve seem like a stroll through the local library. In short, it’s frenetic, festive fun.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Alan Burdick’s Why Time Flies is an intriguing look into time and its many facets

Alan Burdick’s book, Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation is one with a fascinating premise that we can all relate to. A staff writer from the New Yorker, Burdick specialises in penning articles about science and technology. Here, he poses the question, “What is time and why does it speed up as we age and slow down when we’re bored?” The result is a book that is quite dense and detailed, meaning it’s interesting in parts and a little dry in others.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Living The 1960s is an exuberant collection of facts & personal memories from a wonderful chapter in history

The National Library of Australia’s publishers have managed to turn back time with their latest book, Living The 1960s. In the book, Australian actress and comedian, Noeline Brown takes us all for a stroll down memory lane through an important decade in her life, and in the lives of her contemporaries. Living the 1960s is a fun slice of nostalgia and a gorgeous chronicle of this significant period from history.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Craigh Wilson’s Intuitive is an empowering volume for those seeking change

The world is becoming increasingly complex and fast-paced. Many people are feeling out of touch with their spiritual sides and this can manifest itself in a series of mental and physical ailments. Intuitive is a book written by Craigh Wilson, an experienced medical and business intuitive who has spent decades working in an area that ultimately draws upon new-age topics and popular psychology. This volume is a decent one that offers up some intriguing points and pieces, which allow for further thought and exploration.... Read More | Share it now!