Ten podcasts from Australia and around the world you have to subscribe to right now

While even the non-avid Podcast listeners have likely heard of series like Serial and Comedy Bang! Bang!, the Podcast world is full of thousands of regular Podcasts that each have their own dedicated audience. We’ve scoured through quite a lot of them and present to you the ten that we think you need to subscribe and listen to right now. Some are new additions to the Podcast world, while others are (relatively) old favourites…... Read More | Share it now!

5 Songs to Listen For in the Sydney Production of Songs For A New World

After a very popular season in Melbourne, Songs For A New World has finally made its way to Sydney and we were ready! Well, sort of. Songs For A New World is one of those “musicals” that you kind of need to see in person, and its difficult to get a sense of really anything from just listening to a recording. It’s also one of those ones that, if you HAVE listened to the recording before, it gives the songs a whole new life on stage. So, to help you prepare (somewhat) in advance here are 5 songs to listen out for.... Read More | Share it now!

Five Reasons Why You Should Be In On The (not so mysterious) Mysteries of Squabbalogic’s Mystery Musicals

Last Wednesday the Seymour Centre was alight with the exciting reveal of Squabbalogic’s 4th Mystery Musical- “Kiss Me Kate”! The evening is a brilliant fundraising event that helps bring much needed funds to the company to help support its future and give us more of it’s spectacular productions. It’s a night that has fast become one of my favourites on the Sydney Arts scene calendar and I simply can’t wait for #5. So in the meantime  while we wait, here’s an apropos 5 reasons why you should get yourself to that #5 as well!... Read More | Share it now!

Five Books You Need To Read This Month: August

With so many books being released each month it’s hard to keep track of what you should read next, what book you should recommend for book club, or what book you should buy that person in your life who likes books. Of course any half decent bookseller should be able to help you out with that, but just in case you can’t find yourself a bookseller, we’re here to help!... Read More | Share it now!