Review: Nigel Kennedy’s The New Four Seasons + Dedications – QPAC, Brisbane (02.02.17)

I find myself sitting in QPAC, eyes half closed. I’m moving through springtime, by a babbling brook. I’m gazing from a snowy summit, blistering winds gazing my face faster than coarse sands. But all the while, just in my peripheral, I can see these damn yellow sneakers. They follow me through the foothills. They sit by the babbling brook, shoestrings snaking into the edge of the ripples. A thousand reflections of yellow hang in dew drops on autumn trees. Bloody Nigel Kennedy and his unfathomable style follow you through every note.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: David Bowie: Nothing Has Changed – Hamer Hall, Melbourne (17.10.16)

“We’re all here because we love David,” – this sentiment noted by Tim Rogers, was the feeling that prevailed throughout the night, as Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performed ‘David Bowie: Nothing Has Changed’ inside the spectacular walls of Hamer Hall. It’s no easy feat to attempt to encapsulate the bewildering scope of David Bowie‘s musical contributions to the world. Through his days of Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, to the Berlin Trilogy, he was pop music’s greatest chameleon.... Read More | Share it now!

Self-taught pianist Samer Fanek on his debut album “Wishful Thinking” and the power of YouTube for musicians

Having already amassed a large following for his piano covers on Youtube, all of which are arranged by ear alone, Samer Fanek has now released his debut album “Wishful Thinking”. The album features 13 original instrumental tracks- all of which Samer composed, performed and produced in his bedroom studio. It debuted at #12 on the US New Age Billboard charts, #6 on the iTunes New Age Music Charts and reached #1 on the Best Sellers in New Age, Hot New Releases in New Age and Movers and Shakers charts.... Read More | Share it now!

Review: Raiders of the Lost Ark with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra – Sydney Opera House (29.07.16)

This review should probably be premised with the fact that I am a huge fan of the Indiana Jones series (the first three – don’t even get me started on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). These films formed an intrinsic part of my childhood and are potentially where my love of history steamed from. So it was with much child-like excitement that I arrived at the concert hall at the Sydney Opera House to see Raiders of the Lost Ark with the score played live by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.... Read More | Share it now!