Book Review: Craigh Wilson’s Intuitive is an empowering volume for those seeking change

The world is becoming increasingly complex and fast-paced. Many people are feeling out of touch with their spiritual sides and this can manifest itself in a series of mental and physical ailments. Intuitive is a book written by Craigh Wilson, an experienced medical and business intuitive who has spent decades working in an area that ultimately draws upon new-age topics and popular psychology. This volume is a decent one that offers up some intriguing points and pieces, which allow for further thought and exploration.

This book is the first in a series that Wilson is penning about the many facets to intuition. In this one, Wilson uses plenty of inspirational quotes, whilst drawing on his experience working with clients offering business advice and as a life coach. He uses their stories plus his own as case studies to guide the reader through the process of getting more in-tune with their intuitive side. Intuitiveness is where one goes along with instinct or a gut-feeling in order to make decisions. It’s something that we’re born with but too often we lose without practice.

There are a series of short chapters gathered here that make this book an easy one to read. There is a lot of repetition in the ideas and these seem very anecdotal in nature. There is also a summary at the end of each of the 38 chapters, which can be over-kill when some of these are barely a few pages long. There are also a few spelling and grammatical mistakes in the text, which is annoying.

The content itself is pitched at those seeking guidance from a motivational guide or self-help manual. You get the sense that those ruled by their head, or overruled by logic, analytics and examining things in methodical detail may not get much out of this. Instead the book is about mindfulness, spirituality and getting in touch with touchy-feely emotions and other feelings. So while this book comes from a positive and affirmative place, there will be some readers who will no doubt be closed off to its key messages.

Intuitive is ultimately a book that should empower those readers seeking new insights and perspectives as they dance through modern life. It is a guide that seems well-meaning and warm and it could help some people affect real change, if that’s what they choose. This is important because how we think and feel impacts on our physical and mental wellbeing, so when you sit back and consider it like that, it makes a perfect sixth sense.

Intuitive is available now directly from the author