Book Review: Stuart Kells’ The Library is a love letter to literature

A leading Australian bibliophile goes on a tour of thousands of libraries. The result isn’t a punchline but in fact a book called The Library by Stuart Kells. This volume is a fascinating text that draws together Kells’ scholarly essays on a range of different topics related to the storage of books, reading in general and different methods of communication through history. It’s an intriguing trip skipping through the history books and hearing about places that are so much more than a mere storeroom. For many people libraries possess a heart and soul and are a delightful sanctuary, a solace and comfort.... Read More | Share it now!

Theatre Review: Sydney’s encore of My Fair Lady‘s Diamond Jubilee production is a grand old time

In 2016, My Fair Lady celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with a series of stunning shows around Australia, including a run at the Sydney Opera House. An encore season at the Capitol Theatre with most of the same principal cast and crew returns in 2017 and it still dazzles like a rare diamond. It is a reminder that this little lady may be a tad older but she’s still one fair and sweet rose of the theatre.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Fiona Horne’s The Naked Witch proves there are many feathers to a witch’s hat

Fiona Horne is a witch but she could also be considered an “onion.” In her memoir, The Naked Witch she strips away the layers and gives readers a raw and honest account of her life. This enables readers to delve deeper and deeper into different layers and just when you think you have her all figured out, she throws another bombshell or twist into the mix. In short, it’s very easy to be transfixed by her spell.... Read More | Share it now!

Theatre Review: Melba lifts the veil by celebrating Australia’s great dame (at Sydney’s Hayes Theatre to September 9th)

From little things big things grow. Paul Kelly could have sung this about Australia’s very own, Dame Nellie Melba. This famous soprano grew up with rather modest beginnings before she forged her own fabulous career. She eventually took the world by storm and become a renowned opera diva. The Hayes Theatre are playing host to the world premiere of Melba, a luminescent, musical theatre show about one of Australia’s most celebrated singers and cultural icons.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Nina Riggs’ The Bright Hour teaches us how to live & die with grace & dignity

Death is the great unknown. Yet it is something that we will all have to experience one day. Nina Riggs’ The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living & Dying contemplates some of these very things, as well as some other big existential questions. The book is an excellent meditation on life and death, and serves to remind us all to stop and take a moment to appreciate the things that really matter.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Claire Halliday’s Things My Father Taught Me is a love letter to Australian Dads

In the lead-up to Father’s Day journalist, copywriter and author, Claire Halliday follows up her previous book, Things My Mother Taught Me with one about the dads. Both books are collections of short interviews undertaken by Halliday with well-known Australian identities, where they describe the relationship they have with a parent. These range from warm and caring bonds to ones that can be a little fractured and difficult at times. This new collection, Things My Father Taught Me provides an interesting and sage look at the father-child relationship.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Rebecca Jackson’s You’re Not Alone is like a warm hug & a good starting point for those wanting to change their thinking

It’s fair to say that most people, at some point in their lives, will experience a dark period, a crisis or just an overwhelming desire to know more. The book, You’re Not Alone: A Practical Guide For The Awakening Soul by Rebecca Jackson is designed to help at these very points. There are some readers that may disregard the contents of this volume as hippie or new age stuff, but for those readers that approach it without judgement there are some handy things that can be found here, as well as some stuff they may already know about.... Read More | Share it now!

Book Review: Mandy Len Catron’s How To Fall In Love With Anyone is a thought-provoking set of essays about modern love

In 2015 writer and academic, Mandy Len Catron went viral when an article she wrote was published in The New York Times. It was called, “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This” where she described her recent date with a new acquaintance. They had answered 36 questions together from a research study designed to make people fall in love with each other. Her book, How To Fall In Love With Anyone is a collection of essays that includes this previously published one. It expands on the idea she posed in this article as well as looking at modern love and relationships and it does this in a helpful and thought-provoking way.... Read More | Share it now!