Theatre Review: Bare at The Depot Theatre is a rare opportunity to see the beautifully written musical live

Bare is, in my opinion, one of the most underappreciated musicals. Ever since I first heard it it has been a favourite but I always knew the chance of seeing it live was going to be small. So when I read The Depot Theatre in Sydney were producing it I was extremely excited. I had some trepidation though, one of my favourite musicals- would this smaller independent group be able to pull it off?... Read More | Share it now!

Theatre Review: Mack & Mabel at the Hayes Theatre is a boisterous and lively take on the Broadway flop

Mack and Mabel is a musical that I hadn’t yet gotten around to listening or paying much attention to. When the Hayes announced that they were producing it however, I decided to take a nosy into what it was all about. From what I could garner the musical was a bit of a well-known, somewhat cherished, Broadway flop. And so armed with this knowledge, and a particularly excellent rendition of what I presume to be its “hit song” I Won’t Send Roses (sung by John Barrowman) in I went.... Read More | Share it now!

Out From Under: Messages of hope from the Australian entertainment industry to those suffering mental health issues in the arts

On Monday 21 November, stars of the Australian entertainment industry will come together at the Seymour Centre to perform in a ONE NIGHT ONLY concert – Out From Under 2016. The event is in response to the issue of mental health within the profession and aims at removing the stigma surrounding mental health by bringing it out of the shadows.... Read More | Share it now!

Theatre Review: Sydney Theatre Company’s Speed The Plow is a somewhat calm and controlled satirical stab at the American movie business

Speed The Plow is a somewhat calm and controlled satirical stab at the American movie business, at relationships and convenience, and at wanting to be a good person and yet always having to succumb in the end at the hands of money, money, money. As Bobby says in defeat: “I wanted to be good, but I became foolish”.... Read More | Share it now!