Theatre Review: American Idiot‘s Adelaide debut proves to be as much rock show as it is theatre

From the very first riff at the beginning of the title track, American Idiot sounded different. Even in 2004 – when baggy jeans were still cool and I was still using a CD Walkman (because iPods were too expensive) – I knew this was going to be huge. Not being old enough to have experienced the effect that rock concept albums had on people during the 60’s and 70’s, I still somehow knew that American Idiot was going to become my generation’s Tommy.... Read More | Share it now!

Adelaide Fringe Festival Review: Zeppelin Was a Cover Band – Koffee Ink at LIVE on 5, Adelaide Oval

Anyone who has done a minute’s research into popular music history understands that if you attempt to trace pretty much any style of contemporary music back to its roots, you end up at 1920’s Blues. It’s generally considered that that’s because as these originators of guitar driven music pushed lyrical and melodic boundaries, they influenced the next generation – who took a piece and added some of their own.... Read More | Share it now!