Adelaide Fringe Festival & Photo Gallery: Elixir – The Peacock, Gluttony (Performances until 18th March)

The opening scene of Elixir has a zombie crawling along the stage with two guys wearing hazmat suits chasing him and dragging him of stage. At this point I was wondering what I got myself into. A robotic voice comes over the loudspeaker issuing instructions to the “doctors” who now appear on stage. It is obvious at this point, as their vital statistics are measured, that this is a show that doesn’t take itself seriously.... Read More | Share it now!

Adelaide Fringe Festival Review & Photo Gallery: Sirqus Alfon I Am Somebody – UKIYO, Royal Croquet Club

As you enter the Ukiyo tent in the relocated and wonderfully expanded Royal Croquet Club near the Adelaide Oval, a disembodied voice on the giant screen tells us to get our phones out. This departure from the usual announcement sets the stage for what is to come. A noise meter measures the loudness of cheering. Not loud enough; do it again. Once we are all primed, the three members of the Swedish troupe Sirqus Alfon come out into the arena, sparsely furnished with an electronic drum kit – and I Am Somebody begins.... Read More | Share it now!