Comedy Review: Hannibal Buress – The Tivoli, Brisbane (05.12.16)


Hannibal Buress came into Brisbane like a whirlwind. Giving a solid nearly 2 hour set and bringing a great troupe of supports The Tivoli reverberated with laughter last Monday. Even if you’ve missed Buress’s show, keep an eye out for more Al Jackson. The biology teacher turned comedian has a sharp tongue and jokes to burn your insides out with laughter like a science experiment gone wrong. Of course, the support show was a build-up for the main event – the man himself, Hannibal Buress.... Read More | Share it now!

Theatre Review: Bare at The Depot Theatre is a rare opportunity to see the beautifully written musical live


Bare is, in my opinion, one of the most underappreciated musicals. Ever since I first heard it it has been a favourite but I always knew the chance of seeing it live was going to be small. So when I read The Depot Theatre in Sydney were producing it I was extremely excited. I had some trepidation though, one of my favourite musicals- would this smaller independent group be able to pull it off?... Read More | Share it now!

Old favourites return to Brisbane as GoMA Turns 10


Sitting at no less than 6,000 square metres, Australia’s largest contemporary gallery, The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) in Brisbane’s South Bank, turns ten years old this month. To celebrate, the now iconic space has launched a massive, free exhibition dubbed GoMA Turns 10, which revisits some of the curator’s favourite artworks and artists who have featured in the walls of the gallery since December 2006.... Read More | Share it now!